William Whipple founded the firm on the premise that building competitive advantage for the Amero brand dictates that we develop a differentiated product and service line-up consisting of leading edge solutions for clients that protect the environment and sustain the planet. Through our team’s commitment to People, the Planet, engineering controls, analytics and problem solving, we produce environmental solutions. We are intrinsic problem solvers meeting the needs of our clients and the environment.

This delivery of environmental solutions is the central challenge and vision behind establishment of Amero Environmental Solutions. Through the sustainability program of our Amero Global Investors affiliate, we realized that excelling for our clients and building replicable success involves solutions that we will deploy over and over again. We realized that our team and partner friends and family already possess and excel at some of the essential building blocks. Moreover, these services would strongly complement the business, bring quality controls, reduce costs and enhance overall performance.

We are trained and experienced problem solvers not sales people. While seeking optimal solutions for our affiliate’s real estate investment program to fulfill sustainability priorities, we grew to appreciate the need the market demand for environmental solutions. To build a premier real estate firm with a strong foundation on sustainability, we realized the importance of expertise that enhances quality control and value-added through planet and people friendly solutions.