Water damage, water extraction, remediation, mitigation, restoration

  • Our professionals are trained and certified through IICRC to perform 24/7 emergency water mitigation measures to prevent future damage from water. Mitigation measures are best performed prior to water damage. Mitigation involves engineered solutions and controls. For this, our owner and founder is a trained engineer for safety first, problem solving, replicable process and consistent Performance.
    • Water mitigation can involve improving structural conditions, exterior drainage such as downspouts, gutters and french drains, or installing a sump pump to remove water before it causes moisture damage or enters your home.
  • We perform water extraction to remove standing water from damaged commercial and residential property.
    • Water extraction is performed in emergency situations when required prior to or in conjunction with mitigation measures.
    • Our extraction equipment removes standing water, contaminated substances or other materials impacted by flooding, pipes bursting, failed equipment, etc.
    • Our professions typically perform water mitigation first with the goal of addressing the source of water intrusion and stopping water from coming in so the problem doesn’t get worse. We switch to water extraction to remove standing water.
  • Our water remediation removes and disposes of damaged materials and cleans, preserves, sanitizes salvageable materials and items.
    • We deploy air movers, air filtration devices and dehumidifiers to remove water and moisture to levels exceeding minimum industry dry standards.
    • There are scientific methods and professional industry standards pertaining to when, how many, how long and where these devices are deployed and monitored.
    • Our professionals are trained on the location and number of these equipment units to be deployed in each affected area based on the category of water loss.
      • Our water restoration services restores, repairs, rebuilds or improves the structure relative to pre-damaged condition.
      • We typically work directly with the insurance companies utilizing leading insurance industry software to speak their language, apply their approved cost structure and line items and to make for a fluid and efficient process to deliver extraordinary service to our clients.