Our Services

HVAC Air Duct Cleaning

  • A safe and healthy breathing environment involves a clean HVAC air duct system and ventilation. Through testing and remediation, our clients asked us to perform duct cleaning and sanitization.
  • Because this is an important component of environmental solutions, we added HVAC duct cleaning to our service menu for commercial and residential clients.
  • Because every service that we perform must have the strains of our founding principles competence, performance and integrity woven throughout, we are versed and trained in the highest industry standards and procedures of the National Association of Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA).
  • Oftentimes, mold, dust, dirt, debris and other contaminants are found in HVAC duct within commercial and residential installations.
  • In such cases, our specialized equipment is used to clean HVAC duct, blowers, supply vents, registers, grills and air handlers.
  • Dryer vent cleaning – we often use this same equipment to clean dyer vents which may become occluded with combustible lint, decreasing the dryer’s efficiency. Frequently Asked Questions
  • Radon

  • Radon is a radioactive gas occurring naturally below the earth’s surface. The Atlanta area is a high radon area due to higher uranium ore deposits.
  • Radon is a silent killer estimated to produce the highest number of lung cancer deaths behind cigarette smoking.
  • It is tasteless, odorless, invisible and filters into the air that we breathe.
  • Radon seeps into homes through cracks and openings such as floor drains, sump pumps, loose pipe fittings, edges between concrete floors and walls, cracks in concrete and even water supply.
  • Environmental studies indicate that millions of home across the U.S. are contaminated with radon gas, many without knowing it.
  • Infants and young children with less developed immune systems, older adults and immuno-compromised individuals are at higher risk.
  • The EPA estimates that as many as 20,000 deaths per year occur from radon gas and urges that every home be tested for radon gas each year.
  • Though no level of radon has been deemed to be safe, the industry standard is a reduction below 4 picocuries – EPA’s actionable level. We deploy proprietary leading edge technology with the goal of reduction below the WHO target level of 1.7 picocuries.
  • Additionally,We install permanent radon mitigation technology including soil depressurization, piping, suction points, fans and exhaust discharge away from openings to remove radon from your working or living environment.
  • Before you occupy, renovate or purchase any home or commercial facility or even after, have it tested. Call us at 404-995-4651 to measure, monitor and/or remediate radon !
  • Restoration


  • Whether you experience water damage, fire and smoke damage, mold damage, flood damage or sewage, your residence or commercial facility needs to be restored to pre-loss condition.
  • Our restoration services restores, repairs, rebuilds or improves the structure relative to pre-damaged condition.
  • We typically work directly with the insurance companies utilizing leading insurance industry software to speak their language, apply their approved cost structure and line items and to make for a fluid and efficient process to deliver extraordinary service to our clients.
  • Lead

    Lead with remediation and restoration services (RRP)

  • We and our team of partners are trained to test for, remediate and remove lead.
  • Lead is found in many structures and building materials depending on the year of construction. Lead is still manufactured in some materials. It is often encountered and disturbed by remediation, renovation and demolition.
  • Lead poisoning is permanent and irreversible. Exposure to high levels of lead may cause anemia, weakness, and kidney, brain, nerve and blood damage and even death.
  • Infants and young children with less developed immune systems, older adults and immuno-compromised individuals are at higher risk. Young children may develop a range of health problems including permanent learning disabilities and ADHD.
  • You can ingest lead from dust particles and from paint chips. In older construction, often lead paint has been painted over many times.
  • Lead is an EPA classified hazardous pollutant and highly toxic metal which must be dealt with in accordance with national and local regulations before being disturbed for renovation or demolition.
  • Before you occupy, renovate or purchase any home or commercial facility, have it tested. Call us at 404-995-4651!
  • Sewage


  • Sewage damage and remediation are one of our clients’ most unwelcomed and dirty jobs.
  • Unfortunately, it happens due to sewage backups and blockages sometimes even outside of affected properties.
  • When this happens, immediate, safe and emergency response is needed.
  • Areas affected by sewage damage should be cleaned, sanitized and restored using People and Planet friendly chemical solutions and methods.
  • Call us!
  • Leak detection

    Leak detection and moisture

  • Often you will see water, water traces or other evidence of moisture in homes and commercial facilities. The source of moisture and water intrusion can seem next to impossible to identify.
  • We perform moisture mapping, tracing and inspection using the most advances methods and devices available including thermal imaging cameras, endoscopes or borescopes to inspect behind surfaces and within building cavities.
  • The sources of moisture intrusion can be roofs, faulty HVAC equipment, refrigeration equipment, hot water tanks, plumbing or a multitude of other sources.
  • We are trained and experienced in identifying hidden evaporative cooling taking place with water converted to a vapor as warmer molecules detach leaving the moist material and surface cooler.
  • Flood

    Flood Remediation

  • Flooding may take place from interior situations involving equipment and appliance failure as well as naturally due to rain and flood waters.
  • When flooding happens, contact us immediately for quick 24/7 response to mitigate water damage and prevent additional damages.
  • Our water extractors and dehumidifiers are ready with virtually unlimited access and capacity to remove your water as soon as possible.
  • Mold can form in as little as 24 to 48 hours. Our quick professional response can prevent thousands and millions of dollars in losses and tons of headaches.
  • Fire

    Fire and smoke

  • We are trained and certified through IICRC in fire and smoke remediation.
  • Fire is the result of the rapid combustion reaction of fuel, oxygen and heat.
  • Smoke, soot particles and residue are the visual byproduct particles of incomplete combustion (PIC).
  • Hazardous respirable fine particulate matter (PM) invisible to the naked eye is produced.
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are commonly produced during and following a fire. These VOCs and soot have been reported to be carcinogenic.
  • We utilize HEPA vacuuming and filtration to filter 99.97% of particulates down to 0.3 microns in diameter. We deploy air filtration devices with active carbon and UV-C technology.
  • We apply loss mitigation procedures and do durable board-ups for roofs, windows and doors openings.
  • We apply People and Planet friendly cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing solutions. We start odor control where fire began to attack most odor. Testing starts in areas farthest from source area.
  • Odor control is a high priority in fire and smoke losses. We remove the source, clean the source area, penetrate the affected material and seal surfaces.
  • Emergency pack-out is performed to get at-risk items out fast.
  • Mold

    We identify, test, measure, remove, remediate and restore to pre-loss condition!

  • We are trained and certified through IICRC in mold and antimicrobial remediation. We are one of the few remediation and restoration contractors properly Georgia state licensed for application of antimicrobial solutions that kill living organisms such as mold fungus. Don’t take our word for it. Call the Better Business Bureau of which we are a member in good standing.
  • Mold spores can grow and begin to populate colonies in as little as 24 to 48 hours. Our 24/7 response addresses emergency water damage and applies mitigation measures to prevent mold growth.
  • Some spores release poisonous mycotoxins. The concern about toxins varies according to the type of spores, quantity, and growing conditions. When toxins enter the blood stream they can travel to other organs and are believed to be associated with more serious health consequences.
  • If sensing moisture, you are wise to have a professional perform testing and inspection early to avoid problems such as mold and rot.
  • Health symptoms associated with airborne mold spores may include cough, headaches, asthma and other respiratory discomfort, allergies, sore throat, sinus problems, depression, fatigue and itchy eyes, and vary widely from inconsequential to life threatening.
  • Every person has a unique physiology thus different reaction to mold spores and allergens based on type of spore, exposure, duration and load. The most vulnerable are particularly the very young whose immune system is not fully developed, an older person whose immune system has grown tired, and those whose immune system is compromised by medication or disease.
  • We test and attack mold based on the growing condition and type of spores which may include many types such as aspergillus, penicillin, basidiospores, cladosporium or stachybotrys, better known as black mold.
  • Mold must be removed not treated. After mold remediation and removal, we apply People and Planet friendly solutions as antimicrobials to remaining fungi and apply inhibitors to prevent re-infestation.
  • Often times, early water damage intervention is not possible because the water intrusion is not discovered early enough. In such cases, mold growth has begun and secondary damages occur due to mold spores in the air and cross-contamination.
  • Our engineered controls often involve temporary containment structures to prevent cross-contamination and occupant exposure during remediation.
  • Because safety of occupants and workers is paramount, we install temporary containments and decontamination chambers.
  • Water

    Water damage, water extraction, remediation, mitigation, restoration

  • Our professionals are trained and certified through IICRC to perform 24/7 emergency water mitigation measures to prevent future damage from water. Mitigation measures are best performed prior to water damage. Mitigation involves engineered solutions and controls. For this, our owner and founder is a trained engineer for safety first, problem solving, replicable process and consistent Performance.
    • Water mitigation can involve improving structural conditions, exterior drainage such as downspouts, gutters and french drains, or installing a sump pump to remove water before it causes moisture damage or enters your home.
  • We perform water extraction to remove standing water from damaged commercial and residential property.
    • Water extraction is performed in emergency situations when required prior to or in conjunction with mitigation measures.
    • Our extraction equipment removes standing water, contaminated substances or other materials impacted by flooding, pipes bursting, failed equipment, etc.
    • Our professions typically perform water mitigation first with the goal of addressing the source of water intrusion and stopping water from coming in so the problem doesn’t get worse. We switch to water extraction to remove standing water.
  • Our water remediation removes and disposes of damaged materials and cleans, preserves, sanitizes salvageable materials and items.
    • We deploy air movers, air filtration devices and dehumidifiers to remove water and moisture to levels exceeding minimum industry dry standards.
    • There are scientific methods and professional industry standards pertaining to when, how many, how long and where these devices are deployed and monitored.
    • Our professionals are trained on the location and number of these equipment units to be deployed in each affected area based on the category of water loss.
      • Our water restoration services restores, repairs, rebuilds or improves the structure relative to pre-damaged condition.
      • We typically work directly with the insurance companies utilizing leading insurance industry software to speak their language, apply their approved cost structure and line items and to make for a fluid and efficient process to deliver extraordinary service to our clients.